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Jan 2, 2010

Using Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows 7

free movie maker software for windows 7
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Auto Movie Making

Easily import directly from your video or digital camera and start editing straight away to make a beautiful photo movie or slideshow. With a few clicks, you make a great-looking photo movies that includes transitions, titles, captions and a music soundtrack, so that you can directly upload movie to Youtube or burn movies to DVD. If you are exploring Windows Live Photo Gallery, automatically make photo movie from selected photos and video by clicking Make a Movie.

One-click to Match Contents

In the old Windows Movie Maker, it's difficult to sync photos and videos with soundtrack. Now by one click, you perfectly match movie contents to soundtrack.

Easy Transitions and Effects

Windows Live Movie Maker provides smooth transitions to make your video flow seamlessly between photos and videos and you could add more motions (pan & zoom) to your photo movie creation. Before apply transitions effects, preview them in real time to get brief glimpse.

Titles, Captions and Credits

Compared to the previous Windows Movie Maker, Live Movie Maker has greatly improved in Titles, Captions and Credits. Now you can easily tell a movie story with titles screen and end credits without complicated editing.

Burn Movies to DVD

Want to share the professional movies with others? The latest Windows Live Movie Maker allows you to directly burn Windows Live Movie Maker movie to DVD and play with any standard DVD player.

Share Videos on Youtube, Facebook and more

TWe make photo video for sharing. Windows Live Movie Maker best know what we need. It enables you directly upload movie to youtube provided you already have a youtube account. Moreover, with Facebook plug-in, you could also share videos on Facebook. The best video sharing experience is brought to you by Windows Live Movie Maker, totally free, fan, easy.

Windows Live Movie Maker Help - WLMM FAQs

1. Where to download Windows Live Movie Maker?

Free Download Windows Live Movie Maker Here:

Windows Live Movie Maker also works under Windows Vista. You could replace your Windows Movie Maker 2.6 with Live Movie Maker. Otherwise, if you like Windows Movie Maker 2.6, you could use it on Windows 7. Download Windows Movie Maker Here:

2. How do you get a windows movie maker video on Youtube?

Answer: a. Click the icon on the leftmost, and then click "Publish movie", Publish on Youtube.
b. In the resulting dialog, input your Youtube Username and Password to sign in and download movie to Youtube.

3. What can I do if I failed to upload movie maker video to Youtube?

Sometimes, you will be prompted that the video files is not acceptable by Youtube. In such case, you are recommended to save Windows Live Movie Maker video into high quality WMV files and open and upload movies manually. If needed, you could also convert Windows Live Movie Maker video to any format you want with video converter.

4. How to add music to Windows Live Movie Maker?

Answer: Generally, you can click the "Add music" and select the song of your choice, and press Play button to preview. You could also click the little triangle button and select "Add music at the current point" to selected place.

To get iTune songs into Windows Live Movie Maker, burn an audio CD in iTunes then rip it back as mp3 format. Or you can download a DRM Remover.

5. How to make fast and slow motion videos on the new Windows Live Movie Maker?

Answer: The Slow down, Half and Speed up, Double effects are only available in the 2.6 version of Windows Movie Maker. It's not a feature in Windows Live Movie Maker. But you can add Slow motion effect in Windows Movie Maker, then saved the video and used it in the Window Live Movie Maker. Learn how to use vista Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7.

6. How to split video in Windows Live Movie Maker ?

Answer: Two ways are available: a. While playing the video, select the point on progress bar and right click the video followed by selecting "Split" item. b. Select the point and go to Edit -> Split.

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