Apr 10, 2011

How to Mix Audios with Audacity (Free Audio Editor for All Platforms)

Audacity, the best free audio recorder and editor, allows you to edit audio tracks and even mix songs together. This article will show you how to mix several layers of songs and instrumental audios together just as you would when editing together an audio.

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Audio Mixing # 1:  Record your songs or song sections into separate files and import to Audacity, or directly record audios in Audacity.
To import audio, go to Project/Import Audio.
To record audio in Audacity, click the red recording button on top tool bar.  Hit the Space bar on your keyboard to play your files.
To listen to each individually, you can select the "Mute" button for each on the left.
To cut or copy partial audio, select the "Selection Tool" (the cursor icon on the toolbar) and select sections you want.
To create another level by navigating to "Project," and then "New Audio Track."
To mute selection, navigate to "Generate" and select "Silence".
To adjust the levels of your audio tracks. Choose the Envelope Tool from your toolbar, it will highlight your tracks with thick purple lines, then drag the two white triangles to push on a purple line, resulting in level adjustment. If this happens on the start or the end, you will get the Fade-in/Fade-out effect.

Audio Mixing #2: Export your audio file as an MP3 file by navigating to "File," then "Export as MP3"

Have not yet Audacity? Download here - The best free audio recorder and editor.

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