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Jan 1, 2010

Karaoke Everything! - Free Vocal Removal Software

Remove Voice from MP3 and CD Audio

Wanna remove the vocal from your favorite and sing the song, being a super star? It's easy to realize with this free vocal remover software - Karaoke Everything. So how to remove vocals from audio file and CD disc? Only Three Steps needed:

karaoke free vocal removal software

Vocal Removal Step 1: Open MP3 Audio File or Load CD Audio

Vocal Removal Step 2: Adjust Karaoke Effect Slider

Vocal Removal Step 3: Play and Sing Karaoke with Your PC

Karaoke Anything uses a vocal removing technique that sums the left channel with the inverse of the right. It then places the results into both channels. We call it the "Karaoke Effect". Action now to remove vocals from MP3 audio and even CD, turn your computer into a completely Karaoke Machine - no money needed and be a super Karaoke star!

Remove Vocals from Audio File:

To play from an mp3 file, click "MP3 Player Mode" and then click File, Open and then select an mp3 file. Karaoke Anything will load the mp3 file into memory. After loading, click Play and sing with microphone connected to your computer. You could adjust the Karaoke Effect using the slide beneath the audio play control buttons.

Remove Vocals from CD Disc:

You remove the vocals of your audio CD's in REAL TIME (this technology is accurate for about 75% of the audio CD's of the market today).
To play from an audio CD, make sure you have an audio CD inserted in your CD drive. Now click "CD Player Mode". If you have multiple CD drives, you may to select the correct CD drive from the Source / CD Drives drop down menu.
You can also adjust the CD audio Karaoke Effect using the slider control. Adjust it to get a good balance of vocal removal but also do not lose too much instrumentals.

Several things you need to know about Vocal Removal Software:
1. The "Karaoke Effect" does not work on mono recordings or in stereo recordings where the vocals are mixed off center.
2. This free vocal removal software works better on some audio than others. It's better to search for a good song first.
3. There are also other free vocal remover software to reduce vocals from audio.

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