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Jan 6, 2010

How to Remove Vocals Using Free Vocal Remover (Audacity/Winamp)

Removing Voices to Make Background Music for Karaoke

In most MP3 songs, vocals are equally mixed in left and right channel, and can be subtracted by 180 degrees. Although this won't totally remove vocals from MP3 songs, it works fair on most MP3 recording, especially when your own voice is recorded, you are the singer of your favorite songs.

Remove Vocals from MP3 Songs Using Audacity - Audio Freeware

To remove vocals from MP3 song in Audacity, following these steps:

1. Open your stereo MP3 song file into Audacity, other formats also available: WAV, OGG, AUP, etc.

2. Click the arrow next to the track title and choose "Split Stereo Track" in the resulting menu.

3. Now there are two audio tracks. Select the lower track (the right channel) by clicking the area around the mute/solo buttons.

4. Click through Effect > Invert on the menu bar.
5. Click the arrow next to the track title and choose "Mono" on each audio track.
6. Press Space bar to play background music with vocals removed.

audacity vocal removal from MP3 song

Alternatively, try the Center Pan Remover plug-in for Audacity to remove vocals. Also works well in Audacity for vocal removing.

If you want to add your own vocals to MP3 song, directly click Record button on top, the round one. Now record your vocal and you can see a new recorded track. Play it back again, and now you can hear your vocal recorded. You are the super star!

Download Audacity - The Best Free Audio Editing and Recording Programme

Remove Vocals from MP3 Songs Using Wavosaur - Portable Freeware

Karaoke Machine w/ Voice Canceller & Fx

Download this free vocal removing program and import your MP3 song. Then go to Process > Vocal Remover, it immediately turns your mp3 song to instrumental. Finally export your song to local disk through File > Export > Export as MP3 or other formats. As you could see, it's easier than removing vocals using audacity. But if want to record you own voice to MP3 song, it's not as convenient as what you achieve in Audacity, because Wavosaur record your voice into a new file, rather than new track added to original MP3 song.

Download Wavosaur - Portable and Powerful Free Audio Editor

Remove Vocals Using Winamp Free Plugin - AnalogX Vocal Remover

Get this plug-in on Winamp Homepage for free. After installed, you can go through Options > Preferences (press Ctrl + P) and locate DSP/Effects. Select the AnalogX Vocal Remover on the right. Now while the song is play, you will notice that the vocals have been removed to some extent. Drag the slider to adjust mix effect. I usually set Mix to 80%.

winamp analogx vocal remover plug-in

Note that you need Winamp installed on your system to use AnalogX Vocal Remover plugin.

Download Winamp | Download AnalogX Vocal Remover

Several things about Vocal Removal From MP3 Songs:

1. To save as mp3 you need to have lame mp3 encoder installed. See how if need.
2. The MP3 must be stereo tracks, not mono track.
3. These free vocal remover software work better on some stereo audio than others. It's better to search for a good MP3 song first.
4. To save your time and anguish, you are recommended to buy a karaoke version of the song. You might even get by with a midi version, which is certainly better than what you'd end up with the free vocal removal programs.

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How to add center pan remover to audacity

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