Apr 18, 2010

How to Make Photo Gallery for Website in Easy Steps - Gallery Tutorial

Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe enables you to make website flash from gallery and slideshow templates (corresponding to Gallery & Slideshow mode). I personally like making web gallery from awesome 3D gallery templates (Gallery mode) for my website. Only three steps away from web gallery making. Go through this web gallery tutorial, and you can be a flash prof.

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Web gallery making step 1. Add Photos for Gallery

After creating a new project, with clicks you can add photos to the gallery. All popular photo formats are supported, including JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, PNG and GIF.

Web gallery making step 2. Choose Gallery Template

Two types of gallery templates are available in Gallery mode: Templates with a Play Window and 3D Gallery Templates. After you select a template, you could get your photos auto organized and displayed in the pre-designed flash. In this step, also change the gallery background image and background color if required.

web gallery maker

In step 1 and step 2, you could add photo caption and description in the photo editing dialog. Double-clicking photo will bring up the dialog and easily make gallery photo editing.

Web gallery making step 3. Publish photo gallery for website

Go to Publish tab generate the web gallery perfect for your website pages. You could publish the web gallery into SWF movie, HTML gallery, XML driven gallery, online album, screen saver and even executable file (standalone EXE gallery). You may be not familiar with these formats, well, every one has different usage and advantages:

SWF Gallery: upload to a host server and embed into any web page you want using <object>and <embed> code.
HTML Slideshow: the flash gallery has been already embed into webpage (HTML coded). Simply upload the *.swf file and the HTML file, when you open the html page, you get gallery display in Flash Player.
XML Gallery: This way you could update the imported photos easily, no need to re-publish the flash, just change the XML file to get a new photo gallery.
Online Album: Wondershare gives a free 50MB free space to store your SWF, you could display your gallery on internet using the given SWF web address.
Screensaver: Directly make a photo gallery and set as screen saver so you could enjoy the beautiful photos on desktop.
EXE Player: Let you enjoy the flash gallery with a CD player, or a standalone executable file to share easily with friends.

The Slideshow mode has similar gallery making steps, but you get more customization features, like custom transition & motion effects, more decoration resource - scrolling text, cliparts, animations, etc.

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Best Web Gallery Maker Software for Webmaster

Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe is an ultimate web gallery maker that helps you to display photo gallery and slideshow on your own website without any flash skill required. With dozens of pre-designed free templates, you can easily make flash photo gallery for website.

Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe is the best web gallery making software with tons of free gallery template included. Therefore, to make photo gallery for web HTML pages, simply select desired template and create SWF slideshow or XML driven gallery with a few clicks. The user friendly and wizard guided work flow makes you create eye-catching web gallery in minutes. In a word, make a web gallery for your website without any Flash and program skills needed. Even your grandmom can master it.

Get the free version nowOrder for only $59.95

Web Gallery Sample

This web photo gallery provides user-friendly interactivity with audience. Users could zoom, scroll photos and view photo description & caption easily.

Zoom: Click photo to zoom in and click again to return to 3D web gallery. Use scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in/out photos and the whole gallery.
Scroll: Use the scroll bar at bottom or Click-n-Drag to operate the whole web gallery.

See How to Make Web Gallery Step by Step

Apr 5, 2010

Split Audios Using Free Audio Editor Audacity

Audacity is a free audio editor software for recording and editing sounds. It is a cross-platform audio editor for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. Today, you will learn how to use Audacity as an audio split freeware - auto split long audio into separate files or cut long audio into regular intervals, e.g., every 2 minutes audios. BTW, Audacity could also be used as a free vocal remover.

Auto Split Long Audio into Separate Files

To split long audio based on silence, Silence Finder plugin is needed. It may already built in the version 1.2.6. To cut long audio into small pieces, follow these instructions:

1) Launch Audacity, go to File > Open and browse for and select the audio file.
2) Highlight the audio track and go to Analyze > Silence Finder ... As for me, the default settings work, but you can define the Silence Level, Minimum silence duration, and Place label to suit your needs.
3) When seeking finished, you will notice a bunch of label indicators underneath the audio track.
4) Go to File > Export Multiple. Choose "Labels" under "Split files based on", choose "Numbering consecutively" under "Name files" and type in a name that will be used in the file name.
5) Click "Export". This way, your long audio track will be split into separate files based on silences in the audio track. This is very useful if the audio track contain all songs in a CD.

mp3 split freeware

Cut Audio into Equal Length Pieces

You need Regular Interval Labels plugin to cut audio into equal length. Download Regular Interval Labels first. Then follow these steps to split audio every X seconds.

1) Launch Audacity, go to File > Open and browse for and select the audio file.
2) Highlight the audio track and go to Analyze > Regular Interval Labels.
3) Choose "Label interval" for "Label placement method" and then enter the interval (in seconds) for how the audio track should be split into separate files. You could also split with a specified number of files by selecting the "Number of labels" method and then entering the number of desired files/splits. By clicking "Okay", you will notice a bunch of label indicators underneath the audio track.

mp3 split freeware

4) Go to File > Export Multiple. Choose "Labels" under "Split files based on", choose "Numbering consecutively" under "Name files" and type in a name that will be used in the file name.
5) Click "Export".

Basic Audio Splitting based on Labels

1) Click to place the cursor at the split point you want.
2) Choose "Add Label at Selection" from the Project menu. If you wish, you can type the name of the song.
3) Repeat steps 1 and 2.
4) When you are finished, choose "Export Multiple" from the File menu, and in the open up dialog, locate "Split files based on", select Labels. When you click the "Export" button, Audacity will split audio track into separate files.

All done. Audacity is not only a mp3 split freeware, but also a free vocal remover and free audio editor. One word, one of the most powerful audio software.

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