Aug 8, 2011

Where to Get Free Hip Hop Beats?

Looking for free hip hop beats? Someone says that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch in the world. But the truth is that hip hop people like to share their works with the world. Many of there creations are free of charge. You can download hip hop samples for learning, practicing, or making music. This post describes three methods to get free hip hop beats.

1. Download free hip hop beats online

These hip hop sites is my favorite ones to download hip hop beats for free. However, when I mastered how to make my own hip hop beats as described below. I seldom visit these hip hop beats website as frequently as before.

2. Make free hip hop beats with beat making software

LMMS is my favorite free hip hop beat maker. It's extremely easy to use software to make beats, just add your instrumentals to the board and it's ready to export your own beats to computer. But this requires you know well about the hip hop style music and the basic knowledge of music making.

3. Buy cheap hip hop beats online

There are also many websites to offer hip hop beats for cheap price. Usually a membership fee to download hundreds of hip hop beats as well as other genres of beats. Such kinds of websites include:

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Hope this post help you, dude.


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