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Feb 27, 2010

Free Beat Maker Software - Making Rap, Hip Hop, Instrumental Beats

You may be an instrumental music enthusiast and want to make your own rap beats, hiphop beats and other background music? There are many commercial beat machine, but you could also get the best beat maker software for totally FREE, and the quality only depends on your beat music creativity. Check out below free beat maker to see if the beat making program you want.
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LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) - Beat Making Freeware

LMMS aims to be a free beat maker alternative to popular commercial and closed source beat making software programs like FruityLoops, Cubase and Logic, which also gives you the ability and simplicity of producing beat music with built-in loops, samples, and even notes recorded from keyboard alike midi devices.

LMMS has a friendly interface, dislike other Linux programs. You can make instrumental beats in well arranged windows, like Song Editor, Beat+Baseline Editor, FX-Effects, Projects, etc. Starting from samples, instrumental loops and presets, only drag and drop to create instrumental beats.

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Download Free Beat Maker - LMMS

As to my own experience, the only bad thing is that LMMS lacks good MP3 format supported, you can't import MP3 loops (*.ogg file supported) and export instrumental beat to MP3 (WAV instead). But the good news is that there is another free audio software Audacity to help you convert *.ogg/*.wav file to MP3.

ACID Xpress - Free Beat Maker Edition of Commercial Beat Machine

ACID Xpress is a free, 10-track version of ACID software for rap beat making, hip hop beats and audio recording, editing and mixing. It has user friendly interface and easy to use, even if you are new to loop-based beat music creation. Just select some loops, paint them into a track and play your beat immediately. The tempo and pitch auto-match technique let any loops work together perfectly. When you're ready, output your beats and share with friends, or publish your song to

ACID Xpress is an easy-to-use instrumental beat maker, but only 10-track supported. For unlimited tracks and advanced features, you need to upgrade to ACID Pro music making software, or switch to LMMS, totally free instrumental beat making software.

Download free beat maker ACID Xpress

beat maker,rap beat maker,hiphop beat maker

For online beat maker software, it's definitely Sonic Producer.

Try the best online beat maker software Sonic Producer


guym said...

great software, lots of software and hardware out there- great tools, still need a good set of monitors and a very good set of ears.

x_n2deep_x said...

Great Software will have to check into it.

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Bang Toyib said...

You've never tried to dub turbo mixer ?

praveen said...

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Paul said...

Can you run LMMS with Windows 7? And does it have the ability to add filters to your sound samples? What about audio compression.

It would be cool to have a free alternative to the more expensive beat makers.

RadioHitzStereo RHS said...

Nice clean website just happened to be in the neighborhood and figured i’d give you a read.
Nice software and Nice content. 10 out of 10.
Offering a rap beat free to the public?

majik said...

This looks kool. I usually use dubturbo. You can check it out too.

aminul islam said...

Top hip hop beats are created by artists before the actual lyrics are put into place. Once the beats are created, then the lyrics are added. The beat which is created can determine what the singer has to say and the specific time.

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William Santiago said...

commenting on the regards of this string the software although cannot import mp3 has a very good look but there is one small problem ive downloaded the win32 version unfortunately the sounds appear fluttered im a first time user so maybe its just that i have to figure out the functuality how to make the sounds come clear thats the only thing as far as the downside of it im running it on win 7

misu akter said...

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George said...

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Beat Maker said...
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Beat Maker said...

Love This Post

Was looking for a free beat maker just a few months ago, will spread the word.

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Thank you

or shemesh said...

Oshane Nelson said...

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Jake dell said...

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Shawn Deny said...

The tempo and pitch auto-match technique let any loops work together perfectly. When you're ready, output your beats and share with friends, or publish your song to

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Johnnie Cooper said...

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Edward said...

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Audrey Mackay said...
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Audrey Mackay said...

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Kristain said...

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peter lenor said...

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John Adam said...

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Michel Alberto said...

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Beats For Sale said...

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Adelle Kearley said...

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Isla Fiaschi said...

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Fred Omni said...

It actually looks good. Better than most competitor software for beats I have seen.

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peter lenor said...

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